The following Players Code of Conduct has been adopted by SPORTSPLEX USA and will be strictly enforced. Please remember that SPORTSPLEX USA is a family oriented recreation facility, which will make every attempt to maintain these standards for the good of all of those who use the park.

Any player, manager or spectator that does not conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive with SPORTSPLEX USA’s policies or rules can be removed, ejected, suspended from the facility for any length of time and/or face possible legal action to be determined by SPORTSPLEX USA Management.


  • Participate in any league activity, game or event on park premises without reading and signing the Official Sportsplex USA Sports League Participant Waiver and Release of Liability.
  • At any time lay a hand upon, push, shove, bump into, strike, or threaten to strike any player, manager, spectator, official or employee of the park.
  • Refuse to abide by an Official’s or Sportsplex USA Staff Member’s decision.
  • Display objectionable demonstrations by throwing any piece of equipment in a forceful manner.
  • Heap verbal abuse upon any player, manager, spectator or official for any reason.
  • Discuss with any official in any manner the decision reached by such official, except the team manager or captain.
  • Use unnecessary rough tactics in the playing of the game against another player.
  • Be the aggressor in any physical attack upon any player, official, employee or spectator.
  • Verbally abuse any player, official, employee or spectator.
  • Use profane, obscene or vulgar language at any time.
  • Appear on the field of play at any time in an intoxicated condition.
  • Smoke while going onto, coming off of, or while in the field of play. Smoking is limited to designated smoking areas only.
  • During the game discuss aloud with the spectators in a derogatory or abusive manner any play, decision or personal opinion of officials or other players.
  • Be relinquished of financial responsibility for his or her team until the entire team fee has been paid in full to the league office. If the team fee is not paid in full all players on that roster will be suspended from the facility until the fee is paid in full.