Park Development: Projects


Poway, CA

“The City of Poway is very pleased with Sportsplex USA and finds them to be a responsible and effective community partner.”
-Don Higginson, Mayor, City of Poway

Santee, CA

“I found the Sportsplex team to be very flexible and willing to insure the operating agreement truly reflected the community’s and Council’s best interests.”
-John Coates, Director of Community Services, 2002-2010, City of Santee

Fairfield, CA

"A replica design would have been far more expensive… and may not have been the design approach ultimately chosen by the City due to the additional cost."
-John DeLorenzo, Director of Community Services, 1990-2008, City of Fairfield

Lakeside, CA

“I would highly recommend Sportplex USA and consider them for any future work for the the County of San Diego.”
-Brian Albright, Director of Parks and Recreation, County of San Diego