Park Development: Landscape Architect

Hirsch & Associates Inc. and our associated project team members have over 35 years of experience in the design and development of community parks and sports facilities throughout Southern California. Our experience provides us with valuable and dependable resources that allow us to provide sportsparks that truly depict the needs of the community and city.

• Project recongnition by the California Park and Recreation Society in being presented with (1) one Special Award of Excellence, (6) six Environmental Planning Awards, and (3) three Awards of Merit for park planning and design.
• Design and project management for (21) twenty-one major sports parks and (15) fifteen community parks within the Southern California Area.
• Preparation of (24) twenty-four comprehensive park master plans.
• Design and development of over (90) ninety parks and recreation facilities throughout Southern California Area.
• Experience in the management of sensitive community relations as they relate to park planning and development, interacting with city staff and community, and presentation to Design Review Boards, City Commissions and Councils.
• Successful implementation of community-based planning efforts that include conducting community workshops and focus groups, defining community needs and gathering vital information that will delineate the project parameters and character.